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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 19 17:27:54 EST 2004

> >Does non-fiction still get copy-edited? I hear things about academic
> >presses doing away with a lot of editing staff, and when you read academic
> >books it is often clear that not a lot of money has been spent on editing.
>Oh yes (though not enough of it by me, obviously) but copy editors
>seem to be under pressure all the time to get stuff done fast. I think
>too that a lot of the newer copy editors are taught to do various
>things but aren't really encouraged to enquire further than strictly

Interesting. One of the books that fuelled this debate for us was on the 
King James Bible. There was a chapter of the book that repeated (almost, 
but not quite word for word) a huge chunk from an earlier chapter. We 
wondered whether there was any editing at all. Your description kind of 
explains it, I guess, because there weren't really spelling mistakes, but 
anyone reading with any attention at all could see it was a fairly major 
problem with a simple solution.

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