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On Thursday, February 19, 2004, at 07:02 AM, Kyla Tornheim wrote:

> On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Sally Odgers wrote:
>>> Have you read _The Sherwood Ring_?
>> I have. I liked it better on the second reading than on the first, 
>> and would
>> probably like it better still it it wasn't overshadowed by TPG.
> ...and I liked it even better the third time. The first time I was all
> "man, it's not mindblowingly gorgeous and beautiful and poignant 
> and...oh,
> right, that's not fair, even though her other book is like that." 
> Although
> I think the "wait, we're getting *married*?" thing works better in TPG,
> because at least there's been a bit of suggestion there, and I think
> things were more assumable in Elizabethan England than in 19...50s? 
> 60s?
> New York (I think. right? my memory is going, even though I just reread
> the book last month).

The author was the occasion for one of those memorable moments.  As
many on the list have no doubt experienced, when you've lived with 
for a while and are on the same wavelength, you can finish each other's 
[s' ?]
sentences and so on.

Well, a friend of mine who shares a lot of my intellectual history and 
I were
standing in the children's section of a branch library and she turned 
to me
and said, out of the blue, "Who's that author?"

And I said, "Elizabeth Marie Pope."  I was right, too.  It's still one 
of the most
amazing instances of being on the same wavelength in my life.

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   bedroom as long as you don't do it in the street
   and frighten the horses.

                                    -- Mrs. Patrick Campbell

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