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On Thursday, February 19, 2004, at 01:37 AM, Charles Butler wrote:

> Jon:
>> --- Robyn Starkey <rohina at shaw.ca> wrote:
>>>> Considering all the things that wizards do by magic
>>> in the HP books, I don't
>>>> understand [1] why  they get wet when it rains --
>>> this _can't_ be a very
>>>> difficult spell -- [and cold when the weather's
>>> bad, etc.] and [2] why it
>>>> takes a long time to grade exams.
>>> I agree about the rain,
>> Greg Bear in Songs of Earth and Power has a character
>> who is always coming out of storms dry because he
>> "walks between the raindrops" i always wished I could
>> do that.
> I remember one of the things that most annoyed Ged when he went to 
> study
> with Ogion in *Earthsea* was Ogion's refusal to use magic to keep the 
> rain
> off. Maybe wizards just like getting wet? (Then again, apart from Howl 
> they
> don't seem to wash too often.)
> Charlie

Granny Weatherwax never gets very wet, at least when she's feeling well.
And we _know_ she washes regularly.  We also know that she doesn't 
of doing routine things by magic [like lighting the fire].

I think for Ogion it's the same:  don't waste magic on routine things.

In HP so many routine things are done by magic [like putting food on the
table] that it couldn't be a principle.

I was noticing something else annoying about HP last night:  they have
glamorous celebrations of Christmas without any religious basis.  They
also have Easter Holidays.  But do they have religion?  Not by anything
I've seen.  <snarf>  And there should, based on the surnames, be a
variety of religions represented in the student body anyway.

She should have tried celebrations for the Witches' Sabbats or 
something ....

- Dieting is the cure that doesn't work for the
   disease that isn't real.

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