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On Sunday, February 15, 2004, at 08:43 PM, Jon Noble wrote:

> I have, at school, two autobiographies of  autistic
> people; Donna Williams "Nobody Nowhere" and Kenneth
> Hall "Asperger Syndrome, the universe and Everything".
> The latter comes closest to Haddon's character. (the
> other I've only skimmed through but she seems far more
> articulate than Haddon's character)

Due to a periodontal abcess and a retreatment of a root
canal, I'm several days behind, so if this is repetitious, you
now know why.

Before this discussion, the only autistic person I knew of
who had written an autobiography was Temple Grandin.
Dr. Grandin is an Associate Professor of Animal Science
at the veterinary school at Colorado State University, and
an authority on the design of slaughter houses -- hers are
designed to put as little stress on the animals as possible,
sort of 'humane' slaughter houses, except that seems even
to me, a meat eater, to be a contradiction in terms.

She was the subject of a wonderful article by [oh, dear.
an ibuprofen and hydrocodone bitartrate brain fart .... oops,
here it comes out of the mists ...]
Oliver Sachs called "An Anthropologist on Mars".  She's
written two books about herself:  _Emergence:  Labeled Autistic_
and _Thinking in Pictures and Other Reports From My Life
in Autism_ as well as several books on her professional

She's a very interesting person.  And Sachs, of course,
wrote a very interesting article about her and about

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