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> --- Robyn Starkey <rohina at shaw.ca> wrote:
> >
> > >Considering all the things that wizards do by magic
> > in the HP books, I don't
> > >understand [1] why  they get wet when it rains --
> > this _can't_ be a very
> > >difficult spell -- [and cold when the weather's
> > bad, etc.] and [2] why it
> > >takes a long time to grade exams.
> >
> > I agree about the rain,
> Greg Bear in Songs of Earth and Power has a character
> who is always coming out of storms dry because he
> "walks between the raindrops" i always wished I could
> do that.

I remember one of the things that most annoyed Ged when he went to study
with Ogion in *Earthsea* was Ogion's refusal to use magic to keep the rain
off. Maybe wizards just like getting wet? (Then again, apart from Howl they
don't seem to wash too often.)


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