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Thu Feb 19 03:37:13 EST 2004

>The person who gave the paper made the point that JRRT always argued that 
>Tom Bombadil was really important, and in fact he was the sticking point on 
>an earlier proposed film version. I think your explanation kind of hits the 
>important issue about assumptions and the differences between popular films 
>and reading.

Well, I never saw him as very important during the reading either, and if 
JRRT did he definitely should have written the book somewhat differently. 
*grin* And I'm sure TB could have been made a sticking point on a film 
version, but I don't think that would have become a more faithful 
adaptation, even if perhaps it would have made the ecology aspect more 

But yeah, there *is* a difference between films and reading, and not just 
popular films, but all films. A film will never be the same work as the book 
it's based on, and if it's anything that should be avoided, it's 
"illustrated classics". Obviously, the PJ version is *one* of many possible. 
Mine wouldn't have been anything like it, it would have been a lot more 
hobbit-focused and based on little people in really big events - but I 
wouldn't have included TB either.


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