Clever names in HP (was Potter vs DWJ)

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at
Thu Feb 19 03:31:00 EST 2004

Elizabeth wrote:

>>>OK, I've lurked over this for a few days hoping somebody braver than I am
would put me out of my misery, but no...
WHAT am I missing about the Knight Bus?
I mean, I know what it is in the HP books, and I can tell it's an allusion
or something, but what does it MEAN?

As I understood it in the third book, this was merely a play on
night/knight. I think the idea is that the (night)bus is like a knight in
shining armor, come to take you away from your problems. This stops making
sense in the fifth book, where it is clearly also a day bus, so I may be
wrong. This is one of the terms I'm called upon most often to explain in my
translation. In my translation, I turned the Hebrew word for bus "autoboos"
into "autonoos", inserting the word "noos" which means "flee". No knights in
my translation. I am often called upon to justify this.

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