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Thu Feb 19 00:50:22 EST 2004

--- Abe Gross <argross at> wrote:
> If anyone has read anything by Dickinson, I'd be
> interested in hearing what
> they thought about him.

I have read most of his early fantasy - weathermonger
series, blue hawk and some others and enjoyed them,
and also a couple of his detective novels, at least
one of which is an alternate world one (King and
Joker) while two others have very similar titles (the
walking dead and The Lively dead but seem to be
different books). I haven't read anything recent but
bought two for school late last year which I intent to
try to read when the "to read" pile diminishes to a
level where I can see the top.

As an aside harking back to the fruit thread of a
couple of weeks ago. I have just been loaned a copy of
a book I've been looking for for 30 years, Jack
Vance's "Man in a Cage" (a teacher at school a.lso
collects Vance) and was very amused to see the
inhabitants of Tangiers called Tangerines.


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