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Wed Feb 18 22:25:49 EST 2004

Ika wrote:

> and I feel a bit bad about contributing to that. It's not a very helpful
> comparison, anyway: like comparing Antonia Forest's school stories to Enid
> Blyton's. Same genre, but completely different in every other way.

I feel that in many ways, when you've read and deeply appreciated DWJ, it
can be easy to dismiss Rowling. When I read the first Potter book, long
before it became popular, I felt genuine delight, and commented to a friend
that it reminded me somewhat of DWJ! I think there's a lot more in Rowling
than immediately meets the eye, but at the same time, I also agree that DWJ
is still so much more subtle and complex, and wise about people and life.
I'm not sure what I'm trying to say--I keep changing my mind! Sometimes I
agree with you that comparing Rowling and DWJ is like comparing apples and
oranges and ought not to be attempted; other times I feel that it's more a
matter of degree, and that DWJ is just so much *more* than Rowling. For me,
there's this odd incongruency: the later Potter books are indeed more
complex and "dark" than the earlier ones, so they *should* seem more
DWJ-like, but on the contrary, I enjoyed the earlier ones so much more, and
as I said, they actually reminded me of DWJ as well! The later ones *don't*
particularly remind me of DWJ. I'm not sure what to conclude from this,
except that I'm not completely willing to wipe Rowling off as impossibly
inferior to DWJ (though I still think she is!).

> PS: Hello, everybody. I'm excited to be here. Is there an initiation I
> have to undergo or anything? ;)

I wish I had something smart to say, but I'll just say welcome to the list,


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