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Wed Feb 18 20:30:05 EST 2004

A friend of mine has sent me the following query, which I'd be grateful for 
help with:

I SUSPECT that the following recording (vinyl record) has a UK original 

Cover Title No: 336955
Country of Origin: Australia
Medium: Recorded Sound
Class: Music, Popular
Sub-Class: Children's
***Contents note****: Side 1: Black Sambo, Black Sambo; I'm the grandest
tiger in the jungle; I like pancakes. Side 2: Everything I need I got; I
shall tickle you silly; I like pancakes (reprise)

PUT OUT BY EMI Music Australia and Children's Record Guild of Australia CG
-33  (Company No. 92). A Fiona Bentley Production. 

AND also

EMI NZ's World Record Club - Children's Record Guild of NZ - on a special
Children's Guild Label.A Fiona Bentley Production.

Apparently Fiona Bentley in the 1960s, was credited for some scripts for
some EMI sound recordings of Shakespeare plays.
It seems odd to me that the second recording doesn't include credits for the
lyrics or music (could just be the cataloging).  I can't help but wonder if
it's a release of a UK EMI recording--it might be worth seeing if there's
anything on
line in British databases. The National Screen and Sound Archive said that
the "Children's Record Guild" label was subsequently acquired by EMI, which
fits with the Fiona Bentley connection.  They have sent me a photocopy of
the covers and the actual disc sides and neither of those include credits
for the lyric or music either, which could be the cataloguing too. 

Thus this "Sambo" is very possibly a reissue of a British original, but I
don't know how to trace it.  Can you help? 
Helen Schinske
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