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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 18 18:49:22 EST 2004

>Considering all the things that wizards do by magic in the HP books, I don't
>understand [1] why  they get wet when it rains -- this _can't_ be a very
>difficult spell -- [and cold when the weather's bad, etc.] and [2] why it
>takes a long time to grade exams.

I agree about the rain, but I understand about the exams. Unless they are 
multiple guess (which you would assume would be self-grading) then they 
have to be read. Essays have too many complexities to be graded by an 
automatic process -- this is why computer marking programs are so hopeless. 
They also have the same problem as the grammar checker in a word processor. 
Plus, the results clearly have to go through some Ministry of Magic red 
tape to make them official, so that adds at least a month.

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