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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 18 18:43:11 EST 2004

>I've been told that copy editors are, if not a dying breed, then a
>luxury rather than a necessity. Some publishers seem to cut corners,
>either that or else I've picked up an entirely erroneous idea of
>what's required of a copy editor. I well remember reading a book on
>the history of gardening and, in the first three pages, spotting a
>series of deeply egregious errors - there was a comment about the
>several hundred lines of a poem I knew to be some fifty lines long, a
>confusion between gods, demi-gods and something I now forget, a
>misquotation. I remember thinking 'what was the copy editor thinking
>of?' before concluding that, clearly, he or she hadn't.

Does non-fiction still get copy-edited? I hear things about academic 
presses doing away with a lot of editing staff, and when you read academic 
books it is often clear that not a lot of money has been spent on editing. 
I was complaining on this list about David Starkey's habit of starting 
paragraphs with "But" a little while ago.

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