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Wed Feb 18 18:33:08 EST 2004

>In her later books, I always feel that she's come up with the same
>details, only hundreds and hundreds more, and she doesn't edit out any
>of them.  So reading _Spindle's End_, any given sentence is some lovely
>detail about a character, or the land's metaphysics, or someone's hair
>ribbons.  Yet there are so many that, after two readings, my impression
>of the book is one big muddle.  I can't remember it, because the details
>are gems settled in an enhancing a narrative, but are one big bag o'
>diamonds drowning the narrative and obscuring one another.  I don't know
>what I'd cut, but I'd cut *something*.

See now, I had the impression that the detail and confusion in that book 
was *deliberate*. I mean, it fit thematically with the plot, and the whole 
idea of confusion of identity in the final magic.

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