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> Kyla wrote
> >When I first read DWJ's biography on the web site, I said, "Of course!
> >The description of her husband! That's why so many people look like
> >that!" It's probably one of the True Things she puts in, so I feel that
> >those similiarities anchor her books, as opposed to "man, she couldn't
> >think of a *new* way to say that?"
> "Looks like" as in "has that sort of face"?   (I don't have web access and
> so can't go and look to see what is being said about him.)

Hm. Well, unfortunately, all I can find in the way of description is the
phrase "a long beige streak of a man." Maybe I'd extrapolated too much
from that, but those words made me think of Mordion and at least one
Polarity Guardian, and maybe a touch of Mitt, and, well, it's the shape,
not the face, clearly. Perhaps it was also the bit of calm certainty about
how she was going to marry him which reminded me of both Vierran and
Maewen. And maybe Maree, but I'm not sure.

> If I stop and think about it I realise that her husband John is a very
> handsome man.  She says that he is also a centaur really, if that helps and
> doesn't happen to be on the web site.

Ooh, how did she determine that he's a centaur?

> sometimes, or at least, I can see him behaving the way they are.  I'm
> *certain* he could do a manic Sempintern-getting-ready-to-go-out if he
> wanted, or a Quentin-being-stubborn).

Bwa ha. I can see how the same person could do both those things.

> This is one of the reasons I never worry about "casting" actors in
> hypothetical films of books, because for me it would be the way they held
> their faces far more than the shape those faces were to start with that
> made them right or wrong for the part, in most cases.  Though of course the
> Goon, for instance, has to be large, apart from needing to be a head taller
> than anyone else in the scene he could be played by any competent actor for
> all of me.

That makes rather a lot of sense. I think coloring is important in a lot
of characters, but of course "inhabiting the character" is more important
than looking like it.

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