Mark Haddon (no significant spoillers)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Feb 18 17:41:47 EST 2004


>I haven't read Elizabeth Moon's book, so I can't say whether she does a
>better job or not, but I can say that Haddon's portrayal of his protagonist
>was incredibly accurate.

Oddly enough, the book I just started, Jane Lindskold's _Brother to 
Dragons, Companion to Owls_, is also a first-person narrative and the 
character has at least had a diagnosis of autism made.  I strongly 
suspect that there's going to be a lot more to it than that (or that 
that will prove to have been a faked diagnosis).  So far, though, it 
is definitely not working for me - the character can only speak in 
quotations, mainly Shakespeare and the Bible, but is usually giving 
the reader clear descriptions of her feelings and inability to 
describe them.  Anyone else read it?

>One thing that bugged me a little was that Haddon's book was shelved in the
>YA section, and it seems a lot more like an adult book to me.  Next thing
>you know they're going to stick _To Kill a Mockingbird_ in there just
>because the protagonist is a kid....

Was it not published as both adult and YA over there as it was this 
side of the water?  Rather a big deal was made of that dual 
publication here, iirc.  I do think it came to my attention sooner 
because of being in YA, though I still haven't read it yet.  Becca 
ran off with it and was very impressed.  I've now lent it to my 
mother, which means it may be a while before I get it back.

Not disagreeing with you about YA sectioning btw - I think I said 
before here that I thought putting Le Guin's _The Other Wind_ there 
was just daft.

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