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> On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Aimee Smith wrote:
> |> |Johnny Depp?????
> |>
> |> Would make a *fantastic* Calcifer.  Which gives me an excuse for my
> |> crush on Calcifer.
> |
> |If Calcifer looked like Johnny Depp you would be justified.
> |And if you need an excuse for a crush on Johnny Depp, call it Pirates of
> the
> |Carribean.

I would just like to point out the crushing possibilities of Don Juan de 
Marco.  And how beautiful Johnny Depp is in Crybaby, though I wasn't hugely 
enamored of the movie as a whole.  I like Johnny Depp a lot, but I haven't 
loved many of his films.

> Go and catch a falling star, savvy?
heee.  Though I think I like the idea of Johnny Depp as the genie from Castle 
in the Air better (though I'm not sure I like him as just Howl).

On a related note, I heard the coolest idea for a Harry Potter casting the 
other day: Jude Law as grown up Draco Malfoy.  I think that this is _fabulous_ 
(I'm totally of the school of thought that wants Draco Redemption, though), 
possibly the best casting idea I've ever heard.  Think of him in "Wilde," only 
with platinum blonde hair.


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