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Wed Feb 18 13:57:28 EST 2004

Hallie (hello, Hallie) added to my list (hmm - do two examples constitute
a list?) of favourite DWJ Types:

> You forgot the Awful Boyfriend - verified as spot-on by a few of us!

Eep! Examples, please - I'm drawing a blank, apart from Seb in F&H...
That's sort of scary. Ooh. My brain just skittered off to Tacroy, who I
hadn't considered before but who is an early example of The DWJ Splendid
Selfish Boy, though probably quite a good boyfriend.

Sorry. My mind is like a flock of birds today. Thanks for reminding me of
Nick's "boil" analogy, which is *exactly right* and reminded me of (or
gave me an excuse for posting about) the line that I use to explain DWJ to
those who know not thereof, which is from the Dark Lord of Derkholm, and
concerns elves:

"They were all nearly seven feet tall. Derk found them a bit much."

I can think of whole *novels* on the exquisiteness of elves that can be
boiled down to those two sentences. Oblique, spot-on, and not lingered
over or show-offy.

Love, Ika

PS: re Cynthia Voigt & the Tillerman books:

> and aside
> from the inadequate or abusive parents, there's Maybeth as well.  She
> breaks my heart every time, and I'm convinced (on no evidence mind),
> that Voigt based  her on a student she encountered while teaching.

I hadn't thought that before, but it's instantly convincing - and it would
mean I could add the Tillerman saga to Anne Fine's _How To Write Really
Badly_ as books which put school in a wider context and demonstrate that
children who fail there can have worth outside and after school, which is
so important - and particularly nice from a teacher or ex-teacher, who can
be* too prone to assume the student's life revolves around what goes on in
the classroom.

*by which I mean I can be. No aspersions cast on persons living or dead etc.

"There are some bad people on the rise" - Moz
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