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On Monday, February 16, 2004, at 05:40 AM, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:

> Mind you, Harry *isn't* grateful, and we do tend to see things from 
> his POV, so that is sort of a corrective.
> I think in HP5 Harry's stupid level of anger and secretiveness, which 
> is so OTT if considered as a reaction to being kept out of the loop 
> for a year, is suppressed from many years of being nice and grateful 
> and putting up with things (and also partly adolescent-ness).

What's 'OTT'?

I'm just reading HP5 -- I'm almost done and I read the end early on 

Considering all the things that wizards do by magic in the HP books, I 
understand [1] why  they get wet when it rains -- this _can't_ be a very
difficult spell -- [and cold when the weather's bad, etc.] and [2] why 
takes a long time to grade exams.

[These are by no means the only things that I don't like, but they've 
  forcing themselves on my attention in HP5.]

- If you're living like there's no global warming,
   you'd better be right.

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