Speed of Dark

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        I found this much easier to read than Haddon's book, which I never 
finished because it was so difficult.  In Moon's book, we are dealing with an 
adult who has already learned a great deal about coping with others, and who has 
had a lot of specialized therapy and training as well.  The gene therapy I 
believe was applied to infants/prenatals, so that there weren't going to be many 
more autistic individuals in the future.  The protagonist's age group was 
just too old to have benefitted from the gene therapy, which was why they were 
potential recipients of the 'new' treatment.
     The lack of ability to filter, to prioritize incoming information, which 
seems to me to be the essence of autism, is balanced by the intense 
concentration on whatever item the person fixes on.  That makes sense in terms of 
mathematics and other scientific talents, where the most intense focus allows one 
to follow a chain of thought or math process. 
     Just my 2cents worth - not an expert in this.

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