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Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 18 09:41:27 EST 2004

>My main problem (almost my only problem) with the first film of the three
>was that any suggestion that, as Aragorn puts it in the book, "There are
>many evil and unfriendly things in the world that have little love for
>those that go on two legs, and yet are not in league with Sauron, but have
>purposes of their own," seems to be ignored: every single peril is "The
>Enemy", including the mountain Caradhras, which specifically *isn't* one of
>Sauron's following in the book, just a mountain that is inimical to
>two-legged folk.

You forgot the squid - which is called something I keep forgetting since 
it's not the same in the Swedish version. Anyway, the squid is 
dangerous-but-not-evil. And the Balrog, while evil, isn't in league with 
Sauron either.

Still, you have a point - danger *does* come a bit too much a bit too fast. 
I was a bit shell-shocked coming out of the first movie, since it was so 
very *violent* compared to the first book.

As for the Scouring of the Shire, yes, it is a pity, but after reading every 
review on Rotten Tomatoes (yes, I'm pathetic) I think it was probably 
unavoidable, since the ending is already long enough to cause scorn from 
various reviewers. (I counted the endings on one of my viewings but promptly 
forgot the number - but there are at least nine of them.)


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