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Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 18 02:25:00 EST 2004

> > I went to a paper at the SF conference which was
> > talking about how the film
> > version of LoTR put quite a different slant on a lot
> > of the animism in the
> > book. That is, what are forces of nature in the book
> > are turned into human
> > actions or otherwise left out of the films. The
> > person who gave the paper
> > had a whole bit about JRRT imagining hobbits as part
> > of the natural
> > landscape -- creatures (races) who are there, but
> > who humans don't see
> > because we have forgotten how to observe nature.

What about the ents? Shouldn't they count? In the extended version, they 
even have the moving trees... And Arwen calling upon the river - though that 
*looks* a bit like a spell, it isn't meant to be one (at least according to 
the DVD commentary).

The only bit of animism I can think of that didn't make it into the film was 
Tom Bombadil, and the quite obvious reason for that is that he doesn't move 
the story along one bit. He's a lovely character, but I don't think there 
was ever any doubt in anyone's mind that he couldn't make it into the film.


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