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Welcome Maureen

>As a freelance copyeditor who likes to eat, I'm glad to hear that some
>authors 'get' it. A year or so back I worked with someone who told me
>in all seriousness that I'd just need to check a few spellings as his
>work was just fine ... a week and a lot of carefully considered pencil
>later he was obliged to concede that maybe, just maybe, copyeditors
>were useful, and would I work on his next book? Given some of the
>problems I'd just steered him through, I'm glad he asked.

As someone who teaches stylistics to unwilling journalists, I totally 
empathise with this experience.

>I've seen a lot of discussion in various fora recently about Anne
>Rice's decision that she no longer needed to be copy-edited as her
>work was now more or less perfect (maybe not her words, but definitely
>her implication). Those who read her and were discussing this as one
>person felt that she was wrong on this and that her work had

I have long thought that many successful authors *cough* McCaffrey *cough* 
have this kind of an attitude. I hadn't heard about Rice actually making 
the declaration, but it just confirms my prejudices. Authors obviously get 
uppity -- do copy editors get less willing to make suggestions, or are they 
overruled and ignored?

>Maureen Kincaid Speller

What an appropriate name!

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