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Wed Feb 18 01:40:07 EST 2004

>As a freelance copyeditor who likes to eat, I'm glad to hear that some
>authors 'get' it.

Ahhh a copy editor.  A real live copy editor to whom I can express my 
appreciation!  I can't tell you how many times I've been reading a book and 
have thought, 'Where was the copyeditor?? Did the publishers cheap out?'  
And yes, I have definitely read a book and thought afterward, 'You know, 
that was a good copy editor. There wasn't a mistake anywhere.'  I definitely 
notice and appreciate your work!
>I've seen a lot of discussion in various fora recently about Anne
>Rice's decision that she no longer needed to be copy-edited as her
>work was now more or less perfect (maybe not her words, but definitely
>her implication). Those who read her and were discussing this as one
>person felt that she was wrong on this and that her work had

I used to read her in my teens/early 20's, which is odd in retrospect 
because I don't care about vampires much. Oh yes, I remember - it was the 
scope of time I liked. The last book I tried to read was Violin (circa 95?). 
  At the very least it needed a strong copy editor.  It needed a lot of 
things -and that was only the first 30 pages, which was as far as I could 
get.  I thought the same was true for Hannibal - hideous in so many ways 
that actually dwarfed the gross nature of the content.  It was Prinny out of 


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