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Laurie Puszczewicz lpuszcze at indiana.edu
Tue Feb 17 19:06:43 EST 2004

Possible spoliers for _Sunshine_:

Jennifer wrote: 
I didn't think it was that similar [to Buffy} as far as I got. (But I
often find that differences in tone mask similarities until someone else
points them out, and they do "feel" pretty different to me, so I may have missed things.) I
sort of wonder if this comparison might be mostly because Buffy is the most famous     
vampire stuff around at the moment- what sort of comparisons were reviews      
making, and could they also apply to other vampire books?                      

The similarities, I think, are not as obvious as reviewers make them
sound--mostly surface things.  A heroine who battles a vampire and
occassionally makes a funny remark and is attracted to another
vampire, who seems better than the usual type of vampire--but otherwise
quite different world-wise. 

Allison wrote:
What I found the most interesting - the          
background.  I want more about the Voodoo Wars, more about the different    
magic-using families, etc.  The double romance between Sunshine and
and Sunshine and biker guy was just not that interesting to me, but the     
whole world was.                                                            

I agree on both counts.  The one thing that confused me was the reference
to the "discovery" of the New World, which seemed to be referring to the
same idea we think of as the "New World," except there was a time
reference related to it that confused me--something like  that
"disocvery" was some four hundree years ago.  It made me wonder if I was
reading it correctly or if she really meant something else by "New World." 
And the "biker guy" was not a really well-defined character, so I agree
there too.  The vampire interested me more as a character.  And I would
really like to know more about Sunshine's father's family...they sounded
really interesting.  


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