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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Tue Feb 17 18:37:33 EST 2004

I read _Sunshine_ about a month ago, probably.  I am not a fan of vampire
chic and think it is stupid for humans to admire a race of individuals who
basically see us all as Big Macs with legs.  So it took me a while to
actually want to read the book, combined with how I haven't loved anything
McKinley has come up with for a while now.  I was surprised to enjoy it as
much as I did.  I definitely liked the world better than the
characters--something about Rae really put me off, but I don't know what.  I
think it was her constant references to being the Cinnamon Roll Queen,
though why that should be annoying, I don't know.  I think Jennifer is right
to say that it's getting compared to Buffy just because Buffy is the most
famous vampire series right now; the marketing department has to find
something that will draw in non-genre fans, and people have at least heard
of Buffy.  The only real similarity is that in both worlds, most vampires
are pure evil, but there's this one who has a soul....  (The one in
_Sunshine_ doesn't have a soul, but he might as well have Angel stamped on
his forehead otherwise.)

I think McKinley did a fair job of not descending into Anne Rice vampire
lust territory, but in the end...maybe it's just that the idea of falling in
love with a vampire is an extension of the "dangerous love" story, because a
vampire is about the most dangerous person you can meet.  It's Rae's human
boyfriend I'm interested in--he seems perfectly normal up until the end,
where there are hints that he is More Than He Appears.  There had better be
a sequel, that's all I can say.

Oh, and near the beginning there's a reference to the Beauty and the Beast
story (and I suppose you could see this as yet another retread, though not
as obvious) that I meant to post for Hallie's delectation, and then I went
and returned the book so I can't quote it exactly.  It was something about
how Rae likes to retell that story in her own way, making the Beast clearly
sympathetic, because nobody ever gets him right.  My resolve to write a
story in which the Beast is an abusive monomaniacal pity-fiend is growing.

Melissa Proffitt

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