Unnecessary truths

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> Somewhere in the back of my mind I have a nagging tagging bit of one of
> those sorts of moral poems the Victorians went in for to aim at children,
> the ones DWJ says fall straight out of one's brain with a faint cry of
> "don't be *Goddy*", some thing about thinking before you say anything and
> asking yourself "these questions three: first, Is it kind? then, Is it
> true? then, Is it necessary?" which is very likely whence I came up with
> "unnecessary truth".  

Oh, lord, I've been using this one on my children (not the rhyme version, but 
asking them if what they said was either necessary or kind). With predictable 
results, of course, of nasty little grins and cries of "yes it WAS 

I have no idea where it's from. The "three/necessaree" rhyme sounds a bit 
Gilbertian. Is it KIND, is it TROO, is it ne-ce-sair-EE? 

Helen Schinske
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