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Tue Feb 17 16:16:56 EST 2004

Sallyo said...
> I wonder if she's ever had anyone tell her that she is two different
> A child wrote to me once saying her teacher had said Sally Odgers and
> Farrell Odgers were two different people. Add to this Sally Farrell (my
> original name) and Sally Farrell-Odgers (a catalogue mistake that recurs
> from time to time) and I end up as *four* different people.
> Dorian - do you have the same problem? BTW, Ilka - our Dorian isn't always
> Dorian... she has another name she uses in another world.

The world of mundanities such as paychecks and passports, that is. :-)  And
no, aside from having to warn the telephonist at work that if anyone rings
up looking for Dorian it's me they want, I have very little trouble or

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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"Arise, arise from death, you numberless infinity of souls, and to your
scattered bodies go..."
- John Donne

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