Fall Line

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"Fall line" popped into my mind immediately - elementary school history
and geography Oh so long ago!



Fall line
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The fall line marks the area where an upland region and a coastal plain
meet. The fall line is typically prominent where a river crosses it, for
there will usually be rapids or waterfalls. Because of these features
river boats typically can not travel any further inland. Because of the
need of a port, and ready supply of water power, settlements often
developed where the river crosses the fall line.

The most prominent example of fall line settlement was the establishment
of the cities along the eastern coast of the United States where the
Appalachian Rise and the coastal plains meet. Cities on this fall line
include: Boston, Massachusetts; Pawtucket, Rhode Island; Troy, New York;
Trenton, New Jersey; Washington, D.C.; Richmond, Virginia; Raleigh, North
Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; and Augusta, Georgia.


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