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On Tuesday 17 February 2004 13:11, Ika wrote:

> Similarly, I suspect,
> with the decision to market Deep Secret as "adult" and Merlin
> Conspiracy as "children's", which just means, on a practical level,
> that I have to check both W and J in both children's (and sometimes
> both the 8-12 and the teenage) and adult's sections in bookshops,
> when I want to be comforted by looking at DWJ books out in the world,
> waiting to find their home in someone's head.

The ones translated into Dutch (the Chrestomanci books, most of the 
Dalemark books, and _Eight Days of Luke_) are all in 9-12 in the 
library (where they belong IMO). 

In the bookshop where I buy them for my eight-year-old they're in 
Fantasy, which is a motley collection on a top shelf containing, apart 
from DWJ, things like Cate Tiernan's Wicca books. Not the Narnia books, 
surprisingly; those are in 9-and-up, and on a shelf that my other 
eight-year-old can reach.

I don't think Fantasy is in alphabetical order, but the library shelves 
them firmly under J.


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