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On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Ika wrote:

> Ooh, yes, I think they're versions of each other as well. And Mordian
> *should* be a version of Howard, for plot reasons, but the tone of
> _Archer's Goon_ is so different from _Hexwood_ that I can't make that
> association: it's a thematic connection rather than a character-type one.

Really? Huh. I never thought of that one. But lots of times, it's physical
descriptions of people that are similar, not just personalities--Mordion
and the Silver Guardian in Time City, both with skull-shaped faces. And
the slightly apologetic manner, which Tom Lynn shares.... When I first
read DWJ's biography on the web site, I said, "Of course! The description
of her husband! That's why so many people look like that!" It's probably
one of the True Things she puts in, so I feel that those similiarities
anchor her books, as opposed to "man, she couldn't think of a *new* way to
say that?"

> I actually can't comment on that, because <confesses> I've never read the
> Dalemark Quartet, for reasons which reminded me of Minnow saying this:
> the Dalemark Quartet because I always wanted there to be an unread DWJ out
> in the world in case of emergency, since reading a new DWJ was the way I
> self-medicated: watching the characters face terrible, ordinary horrors
> and survive them made me feel a lot stronger...

Hm. That makes sense, but for me, I love books the more I read them.
They're the ultimate comfort food when I've got them nearly memorized, and
can do things like recite the end of Perilous Gard with a college friend,
when we discovered our mutual love of the book.

I'd recommend reading the Dalemark Quartet, anyway, even though they're
not my favorites, because I think it's really nifty how there were three
stand-alone books for years and years, only related by their setting, and
then Crown of Dalemark got written and wove them all together. And I do
mean wove. :^)

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