Truth and kindliness (was Re: DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

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Tue Feb 17 12:21:04 EST 2004

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>Melissa wrote:
>>This is a different kind of situation than the one I was referring to.
>Yes.  Sorry.  I was looking not at the rest of your post but at the one
>sentence, and seeing how easily it could have been used, out of context, as
>a reason to tell what I would call *unneccessary* truth, which is what I
>had been worrying about all day (as it were).
>It's as if "Truth is good" can be both true and untrue, if you follow me:
>so "truth" needs a qualifier when it is used in human rather than absolute
>Or something along those lines.
>I didn't at all mean to suggest you were being simplistic, I just saw how
>your sentence could be used in a simplistic way and followed my own thought
>from there.

Don't worry, I didn't think that.  Though after I rambled on I came up with
a better way of putting it: it's the difference between *telling* the truth
and *facing* the truth, between revealing a hidden secret to others and
learning to live with it oneself.

I am not in favor of telling unnecessary truths, as you put it; I see it as
(in most cases) a purely selfish act that benefits no one but the teller,
who may even be acting out of spitefulness and hiding behind their
"honesty."  It may be truthful that someone you work with looks like Ichabod
Crane, but saying so doesn't do anyone any good.

Melissa Proffitt

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