Truth and kindliness

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Tue Feb 17 12:12:28 EST 2004

Gili pointed out

>Straight out of Ibsen. "The Wild Duck", to be precise.

Gosh, you mean life is imitating art again?  Or are you suggesting that
they fake the "dilemmas"?

Someone once wrote (for a television "expose" [with an accent on the last
e]) to all the agony aunties of the time as-it-were from Hamlet's point of
view, setting out his problem and asking them to advise him what to do.
None of them was even slightly helpful, because they all assumed that his
uncle couldn't possibly have killed his father.  I don't remember who was
involved (I saw it on someone's tv in passing) but I do remember that after
each "answer" was read out, another of the characters from the play dropped
dead in an on-stafe manner, until in the end Hamlet himself did after
getting "I'm sorry, Marje Proops is unable to reply to your letter in
person because of pressure of work but will within six weeks" or something
similar in a printed response...


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