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Tue Feb 17 12:12:30 EST 2004

Sally wondered:

>> I've seen her books in all four possible slots in my local Borders on a
>> single visit (adult sci-fi/fantasy W; adult sci-fi fantasy J; children's
>> W; children's J). I suppose it increases (quadruples?) the chances of
>> people coming across the books at random while browsing, which is a good
>I wonder if she's ever had anyone tell her that she is two different people?

Not in the context of her work, but American Airlines once had her leaving
England under her married name and arriving in Boston Mass under her
writing name, and it didn't 'alf cause some kafuffle at immigration!  It
didn't help that they had done the same to me, on the same flight, and we
arrived at the desk together after everyone else had got through (because I
was carrying most of her hand-luggage, and we lost one carrier-bag between
us and had to go back for it before they parked the plane -- it was a
chaotic occasion altogether, and I blame the travel-jinx).

>A child wrote to me once saying her teacher had said Sally Odgers and Sally
>Farrell Odgers were two different people. Add to this Sally Farrell (my
>original name) and Sally Farrell-Odgers (a catalogue mistake that recurs
>from time to time) and I end up as *four* different people.

Do you play bridge together?  :-)


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