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Hendon, Alison A.Hendon at BrooklynPublicLibrary.org
Tue Feb 17 10:14:54 EST 2004

Laurie wrote:
>Have we had any discussion on Robin McKinley's _Sunshine_?  I just
>finished it the other day and couldn't remember if we talked about it or
>if there was interest in talking about it.  In general, (no spoliers), I
>liked the characters very much, and the world she created (although I was 
>a bit confused by some deatils asto when it was set), and I would
>definitely be interested in a sequel (which she seems to set up for in
>this one; at least, there are some unanswered questions at the end).  I
>did think it dragged just a bit in the middle and then finished up rather 

Laurie - I read this several times, trying to decide whether or not to buy
it for our Young Adult area  (I did, a few.)  McKinley did that thing that
annoyed me with Rose Daughter - she seems to have discovered baking as a
hobby and tells us almost more about it than we can stand (in Rose Daughter,
it was rose cultivation.)  What I found the most interesting - the
background.  I want more about the Voodoo Wars, more about the different
magic-using families, etc.  The double romance between Sunshine and vampire
and Sunshine and biker guy was just not that interesting to me, but the
whole world was.

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