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> > NIce to find another admirer of Anne Fine here.
> Hooray! I do love her (though, oddly, don't enjoy her 'adult' fiction
> anywhere near as much as the children's or YA books).

I love her ***"Angel of Nitshill Road"... and her two Ione books.


*** Review follows

The Angel of Nitshill Road, by Anne Fine, is a charming little book with a
keen edge to it. It concerns three bullied children in a primary school
setting, a new girl who may be an angel, a well-meaning teacher with his
head in the sand and a Book. In the hands of another author it might have
been an earnest tale of social problem, a story of victims, or of bullies
and how they're made. In Anne Fine's hands the story shows how victims
contribute to their problems, how bullies can be stopped and how a few
straight actions can solve a nasty situation. It's all told with a sharp eye
to human nature, detail and with AF's inimitable style.

Check it out at the link below.

This, BTW, is one of the very few little chapter books for lower and mid
primary school that I consider to be close to perfection. Annie Dalton's The
Witch Rose is another of them.

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