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Tue Feb 17 08:25:22 EST 2004


> I'd like to add a request for your other
>> favourite authors (apart from Antonia Forest!)
>> because I like those kind of posts too.
> Ika replied
> <I usually answer "Dennis Cooper and Diana Wynne
> Jones", because I think
> the juxtaposition is funny, but I do like Dennis
> Cooper a lot.>
> Who is Dennis Cooper?

He's an American adult novelist (though I started reading him when I was
16) whose work usually gets characterized as "cult", "transgressive", etc.
He writes mostly about miserable, punky queer teen boys in abusive
relationships with adults and/or other teens. Lots of sex and violence,
very disturbing. So he couldn't be more different from DWJ - except that
they deal with some of the same themes (child-adult power relationships
and how to negotiate them; responsibility; surviving terrible events), and
they have a similar kind of emotional honesty. Or I think so, anyway.

Ven wrote:

> NIce to find another admirer of Anne Fine here.

Hooray! I do love her (though, oddly, don't enjoy her 'adult' fiction
anywhere near as much as the children's or YA books).

Has anyone here read Jaclyn Moriarty, just out of interest?

Love, Ika

"There are some bad people on the rise" - Moz
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