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Kyla wrote in response to me:

>> I kind of like sorting the characters into types and watching how they
>> evolve throughout the books - like, Grundo and Roddy's relationship in
>> MC seems to me to be a rewrite or reconfiguration of Gwendolen & Cat's
>> in CL, so each casts light on the other in interesting ways.
> Oh, I adore doing that! <snip>
> I've always associated Vivian in Time City with Vierran in Hexwood, and I
> don't think it's just the names and that they both have wriggly hair (and
> stick-out-y cheekbones? I can't quite remember).

Ooh, yes, I think they're versions of each other as well. And Mordian
*should* be a version of Howard, for plot reasons, but the tone of
_Archer's Goon_ is so different from _Hexwood_ that I can't make that
association: it's a thematic connection rather than a character-type one.

> Oh, of course, and Maewen
> in Crown also feels similar--she and Vivian both have that displaced thing
> going on.

I actually can't comment on that, because <confesses> I've never read the
Dalemark Quartet, for reasons which reminded me of Minnow saying this:

> It's possible that the thing that would make DWJ
> feel most that she had
> done a good job is being told that reading her
> work has helped to make
> someone who has been a child facing terrible
> things in real life (and
> having to deal with profoundly flawed adults)
> aware that he or she is *not
> alone*, that there are other children who have
> had horrors of an *ordinary*
> but terrible kind and who have both managed to
> survive them and come out at
> the other end stronger for that survival.

Because if you take the category "child" out of there, that's fairly
spot-on for me. I returned to DWJ in a big way, reading all the books I
hadn't read as a child, after I finished university, when I had a couple
of years when I was very unhappy and not terribly well in the head. And
whenever I had a particularly bad patch, I'd buy a new DWJ and stay in bed
for a couple of days with it until I felt stronger. But I never got onto
the Dalemark Quartet because I always wanted there to be an unread DWJ out
in the world in case of emergency, since reading a new DWJ was the way I
self-medicated: watching the characters face terrible, ordinary horrors
and survive them made me feel a lot stronger...  Hmm. Actually, these days
I have much less intense/fewer bad weeks and more coping strategies, so I
could go and read them now. Cool.

Love, Ika

"There are some bad people on the rise" - Moz
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