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Ika blake at
Tue Feb 17 07:46:07 EST 2004


>> I've heard it said that it's a truism in Australian YA circles that both
>> _To Kill A Mockingbird_ and _Catcher in the Rye_ would be published as
>> YA
>> novels if they'd been written today.
> ...and when "Looking for Alibrandi" (um - sp?) was made into a film, no
> one
> ever mentioned it was a children's book. Ditto when "Marianne Dreams" was
> filmed.

Is that the one that was an *incredibly scary* horror movie called "Paper
House"? Brr. I didn't know that was a children's book till some time after
I'd been frightened into seven fits by the film, and I still haven't read
it (I have a few inexplicable gaps in my education).

Love, Ika

"There are some bad people on the rise" - Moz
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