Mark Haddon (no significant spoillers)

Ika blake at
Tue Feb 17 07:11:55 EST 2004

Melissa wrote:

> One thing that bugged me a little was that Haddon's book was shelved in
> the
> YA section, and it seems a lot more like an adult book to me.  Next thing
> you know they're going to stick _To Kill a Mockingbird_ in there just
> because the protagonist is a kid....

I've heard it said that it's a truism in Australian YA circles that both
_To Kill A Mockingbird_ and _Catcher in the Rye_ would be published as YA
novels if they'd been written today. I suspect it's because it's becoming
more acceptable for adults to read YA/children's fiction (openly) these
days - it's more a marketing strategy than a genuine generic distinction.
Similarly, I suspect, with the decision to market Deep Secret as "adult"
and Merlin Conspiracy as "children's", which just means, on a practical
level, that I have to check both W and J in both children's (and sometimes
both the 8-12 and the teenage) and adult's sections in bookshops, when I
want to be comforted by looking at DWJ books out in the world, waiting to
find their home in someone's head.

Love, Ika

"There are some bad people on the rise" - Moz
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