The Fascination of What's Difficult

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Tue Feb 17 06:17:23 EST 2004

Charlie wrote:
> DWJ is a writer who continually sets herself technical challenges 
> - and when they come off (as they mostly do, with her) I usually 
> feel that these challenges <snip> has helped the book. Not because 
> it's clever in itself - though it is - but because it's acted as a 
> catalyst to lead her (and hence us) on to other insights

There's also that mastering something difficult is fun; I don't know if a reader can tell what bits were enjoyable for an author to write, but if stretching the writing muscles with technical challenges keeps a good author interested in writing and leads to more books, then that's a Good Thing in itself.

(I'm a lazy reader, and much prefer the author to do all the hard work invisibly rather than making me solve riddles to get at the story, but I expect some people find it fun to read challenging books.)

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