Truth and kindliness (was Re: DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Feb 16 19:24:59 EST 2004

> So what good does not glossing over the truth do here, and to whom?  Is it
> better for the son, even if it destroys all his foundations?

If the truth can *help* in some way, it's better faced. If not, why look for
trouble? The question is knowing which situation is which. Would it *help*
to know your great grandfather murdered his wife, when all around thought
she died of nat. causes? Would it prevent you from murdering *your* wife? Or
would it give you Ideas?

My (very unpopular <g>) view on The Recession We Had to Have was that if
everyone had shut up about it we wouldn't have had it. Being Told there was
a Recession made people act as if there were... and lo! There was!

And I could have done without the Truth that my daughter's diabetes might
have been caused by my liking for potatoes in their jackets. I'm not having
any more babies, so what has this truth given me? Guilt I can't escape?
However, I can see the use of this Truth to others. Maybe pregnant ladies
will now eschew potatoes in jackets... until the Med. Frat. discover a new
Truth with which to torture them.

Speaking of Med. frat., does anyone know how to tell a Virus from a
Bacterial Infection at ten paces? I have a sore throat and headache and
general blah and don't want to go to the doctor only to be told it's a


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