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Mon Feb 16 19:11:30 EST 2004

I asked about this:
>> The lady whose (borrowed) copy I had been reading told me when I surfaced
>> that Elizabeth Moon in *Speed of Dark* made a better job of writing
>> first-person-autistic, as far as *she* was concerned.Ý Anyone on the list
>> have any view on that?

Jennifer wrote:

>I thought it was very good. I don't know if you've read any of her other
>books- I like her writing, and I think this is the best thing she's done.
>A good story. As far as first-person-autistic is concerned, it's difficult
>to know how accurate it is without any experience, but the viewpoint is
>certainly well done as slightly alien. It's different from The Dog in
>being a future world, where the protagonist's condition was ameliorated as
>a child (I think by gene therapy) and he has become less shut away than he
>can remember being.

And JOdel backed this up:

>Solidly effective storytelling, that one. It's on the opposite end of the SF
>scale compared to most of Moon's other work (the speculative future end rather
>than the space opera end) but she had a clear firm grip on what she is doing
>in it. And, when considered in comparison to the rest of her novels, it stands
>in much the same relationship to her recent 'Trading in Danger' that
>McCaffery's Pegasus books stand in relationship to her Rowan series.
>She does a lovely job of managing to get more information to the reader than
>is asimilated by the primary-narrator character. And her mid-21st century is
>absolutely believable for the story's sake, even if there are Real World
>technological gaps which mean that it will not ever actually happen.
>Deffinitely worth seeking out.

Thank you!  I have read and enjoyed some other books of hers, and will now
make a point of looking for this one.



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