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Mon Feb 16 18:25:34 EST 2004

Ika quoted Geoff Ryman

<"I am a fantasy writer who fell in love with 
realism. Because I am a
fantasy writer, I am particularly aware that 
every work of fiction,
however realistic, is a fantasy. It happens in a 
world that is an alternative to this one.">

and went on

<Maybe fantasy is a good framework for
(emotional) realism because it's more upfront
about the assumptions it's making? It has to be,
because it can't rely on readers knowing that
"that's the way of the world" (which
world?) That 'ordinary but terrible' combination
is crucial for me. She neither pulls her punches
nor over-purples them (can you purple a punch? Oh
well), either of which is something that drives
me up the wall in fiction - using terrible events
to up the emotional ante in a sort of
pornographic way.......>

That's particularlly apt in some instances where
writers use child sexual abuse as a signifier of

Ika continued
<......... without facing the mundane and
unpretty consequences (okay, sometimes I
like a good melodrama, but it has to be sort of 
"out" as melodrama, not posing as realistic). I
have the feeling that people (both children and
adults) who already know that bad things happen 
will get more comfort from DWJ than from most
children's writers, who keep the bad things at a

See my previous post ....... but I suppose its
not the expereience of bad things but being
wiling to acknowledge and confronty them that is
the key.

I wrote 
I'd like to add a request for your other
> favourite authors (apart from Antonia Forest!)
> because I like those kind of posts too.

Ika replied
<I usually answer "Dennis Cooper and Diana Wynne 
Jones", because I think
the juxtaposition is funny, but I do like Dennis 
Cooper a lot.>

Who is Dennis Cooper?

<Um, otherwise, a fairly arbitrary selection of
the YA writers I read: Anne Fine, Cynthia Voigt
(she's another writer where you can have fun
watching the development of a "type": her Butch
Girl  develops from the holy-fool
type Hildy in Tell Me If The Lovers Are Losers 
through the awkward
outsider Rosamund in Izzy Willy-Nilly to the just

fabulous Mikey in the
Bad Girls series), Jenny Pausacker (one for the 
Australians on the list!),
and I've just become completely addicted to 
another Australian, Jaclyn
Moriarty (have read both her books three times in

the last three months).>

NIce to find another admirer of Anne Fine here.


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