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> The lady whose (borrowed) copy I had been reading told me when I surfaced 
> that Elizabeth Moon in *Speed of Dark* made a better job of writing 
> first-person-autistic, as far as *she* was concerned.  Anyone on the list have any view 
> on that?
Solidly effective storytelling, that one. It's on the opposite end of the SF 
scale compared to most of Moon's other work (the speculative future end rather 
than the space opera end) but she had a clear firm grip on what she is doing 
in it. And, when considered in comparison to the rest of her novels, it stands 
in much the same relationship to her recent 'Trading in Danger' that 
McCaffery's Pegasus books stand in relationship to her Rowan series. 

She does a lovely job of managing to get more information to the reader than 
is asimilated by the primary-narrator character. And her mid-21st century is 
absolutely believable for the story's sake, even if there are Real World 
technological gaps which mean that it will not ever actually happen. Deffinitely 
worth seeking out.
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