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About Dumbledore and apologies...

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 10:20:01 -0800 (PST), Ven wrote:

>Dumbledore's apology was the
>kind that would have made me even angrier because
>he didn't just admit that he was wrong but said
>he had known it was wrong at the time. For the
>supposedly wise old father figure I consider that
>unacceptable -- Dumbledore should really make
>himself junior to Filch and sweep the floors of
>Hogwarts until he learns better!!

It strikes me as the kind of thing an adult can relate to better than a
child--the way he puts it, I mean.  I would have thought Harry would be more
righteously indignant about it all.  And yet in another kind of universe
Dumbledore's explanation/apology would have fit very well; people make
mistakes like that all the time and do things they know are wrong for all
sorts of reasons.

>Melissa (I think, apologies if not)
it was me.
><.....actually makes me understand why people
>find the 
>Potter books easier to
>cope with than DWJ. The Potter books seem to me 
>to be covering over much
>nastier situations than the situations that DWJ 
>confronts head-on: I find
>the confrontation - the honesty, the realistic 
>assessment of how a child
>character can make a bearable existence for 
>himself or herself in a world
>run by flawed adults -  to be *much* more 
>comforting. But I can see that
>the "covering-up", or the emotional distance, 
>could itself be comforting
>for some readers.>
>I'm going to declare a personal interest in all
>this. While I certainly wouldn't win an unhappy
>childhood contest with  either Harry Potter or
>Cat Chant I did have an early brush with death.
>Worse than the incident itself for me was the
>cover up. I believe that when things finally came
>out into the open it was the best thing not only
>for me but the others involved.  
>Hence I am entirely of the head on confrontation
>camp. I much prefer to have my demons out in the
>open where I can see them than lurking behind a
>consoling facade from which they can jump out and
>ruin things at any time.........

I agree with you...probably why I prefer DWJ as well.  I admit I am very bad
at understanding why people read what they read, and what they expect to
gain from reading.  Though I realize that many readers want exactly the
opposite of what you describe, my first reaction is to wonder if they
approach life in the same way.  People who go out of their way to distance
themselves from reality are often headed for serious problems in
relationships, in economic matters, in mental health.  It seems like
overdramatization to predict this sort of crisis simply from someone's
choice of reading material, but sometimes I do wonder.

>There is also an issue of forgiveness that to see
>people as flawed or incompetent makes it possible
>to forgive and to achieve reconciliation.

Another example of people glossing over the truth in order to stay safe.
Sometimes forgiveness is more painful than constant suffering.

Melissa Proffitt

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