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On Sat, 14 Feb 2004, Ika wrote:

> I kind of like sorting the characters into types and watching how they
> evolve throughout the books - like, Grundo and Roddy's relationship in
> MC seems to me to be a rewrite or reconfiguration of Gwendolen & Cat's
> in CL, so each casts light on the other in interesting ways.

Oh, I adore doing that! I was just rereading the Dalemark Quartet (since
the last time I read all of them was when The Crown of Dalemark had just
come out) and I noticed that Hildy and Ynen in Drowned Ammet also feel
very much like Gwendolen and Cat, and that made me have more sympathy
for Ynen, who hadn't seemed like much of a character in my memory.

I've always associated Vivian in Time City with Vierran in Hexwood, and I
don't think it's just the names and that they both have wriggly hair (and
stick-out-y cheekbones? I can't quite remember). Oh, of course, and Maewen
in Crown also feels similar--she and Vivian both have that displaced thing
going on.

It's just been a year and a half so far that I've been writing down
everything I read, and I went and looked at my total list and was quite
shocked that there were DWJ books I hadn't read in that long (Power of
Three! And yet I'd still read it enough times that it's at that
almost-memorized state, where you can't recite the book from memory but
while you're reading you know the rhythm of the sentences), so I'm
rereading everything I haven't read since I started writing things down.

Sorry for that excessively long sentence. :^)

Men occasionally stumble on the truth, but most of them
pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.
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