DWJ in Israeli newspaper

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Feb 16 06:50:17 EST 2004

Ven wrote:

> Gili translated 
> >.........Jones, with the  slightly bitter
> snappiness
> > that marks her writing as well,
> I really am a bit boggled by this, its not the
> flavour I get from Dwj at all, either in the
> quoted remark or her work in general. 

The review seemed to like DWJ against its will, almost, it kept saying she was good and then saying "in a sharp way" or "in a bitter way". Strange. It was interesting to read- I usually miss articles on DWJ in the UK papers until someone here points them out, seeing them from a different country is very nice.
but since an infinite number of monkeys and typewriters must have an infinite mass, the experimental setup would instantly collapse into a very hairy, ill-mannered black hole covered in metal and ink.  
nyra on afp

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