DWJ in Israeli newspaper

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 15 21:08:51 EST 2004

Gili translated for us an awful lot more than
these fragments I'm quoting and it IS very much

>.........Jones, with the  slightly bitter
> that marks her writing as well,

I really am a bit boggled by this, its not the
flavour I get from Dwj at all, either in the
quoted remark or her work in general. I think she
is sharp, yes and I admire sharpness, but not
bitter, I think Ronit Rokas is missing Diana's
great generousity of spirit.

The interview again
> However Rowling herself
> has claimed in an interview to the "Times" a 
> ago that she has never
> read Jones' books.

One of us (is it you, Minnow) has mentioned a
radio interview in which Rowling said she had
read Dwj, surely it must be possible to track
this down and sort it out once and for all.
So you can safely assume she approves of jokes, 
whatever the newspaper may
have said about her being "dark, even 
oppressive".  :-)


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