Cross Genre reading.

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Sun Feb 15 15:01:27 EST 2004

--- Sally Odgers <sodgers at> wrote:
> Most of DWJ's stuff is fantasy, but it can also come
> under the cross genre heading. I need some quotes
> from people who enjoy cross-genre, explaining WHY
> they like cross genre. I'd use first names only, and
> no identifying marks. Anyone? Someone?

I'm not sure that I could say I like cross-genre
stories as such, I certainly like some cross-genre
stories, but am annoyed by others. I could say that
its rather that I like good stories regardless of
genre/genres but that's not quite right either as I
aslo like some complete trash. I suppose it is just
that I like the stories I like regardless. In the case
of DWJ cross-genreness is part of what I like about
her. It adds to the element of suprise in her story.
With a DWJ story (unlike those of JKR) you never know
at the start of the story where it is going to be at
the end.

The only specific example of a cross genre that I
would say I like more than either of the seperate
genres that make it up is the Historical Mystery of
the Cadfael/Falco type. I very rarely read straight
mysteries and while I like historical fiction I'm more
inclined to read a historical mystery instead. Perhaps
because I also like other stories that have fun with
history like the Flashman novels, Peter Corris's Box
Office Browning books and the novels of John James,
and alternate world SF books.


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