Minnows' bites

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Feb 14 15:58:47 EST 2004

Helen Schinske replied to my mimbling:

>> So you are safe from being bitten unless you are a broth.  Are you a broth?
>> Minnow (mostly harmless)
>No, I'm a sist. (NOT to be confused with a cyst, thankyouverymuch!)

Small irresistible memory from a book by


Ah!  By Monica Edwards, I think.  Meryon (probably) telling a story about a
young chap who was very keen on collecting moths and butterflies, and he'd
got himself a net and one of those squares of white cloth to shine a light
behind and attract the flutterbies that flutter by night, but he wasn't
very expert in its use yet, and then he saw a book in a shop-window that
looked like just the thing he needed so he saved up and went in and bought
it.  They looked at him a bit funny, and asked if he was sure it was what
he wanted, but he insisted, and he took it home.  It was called *Hints for
Young Mothers*.


I'll get my coat.


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